Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Guest's Plate Is The Lord's Plate

I did appreciate much a great practice from a write up of Hiccup, an online friend from Australia, that's why I'm sharing it with you, my dear friends. Last Dec.25 Christmas Day, as they set the table for their feast to thank God for the blessings, A Guest's Plate was set. In their house the Guest's Plate is the Lord's Plate. In human form He may not come but He is always welcome as Guest. He knew He joined them in spirit and He thanked and praised Him for that. What a wonderful way to honor the Lord. I adopted the great practice with our Media Noche (New Year's Eve dinner) setting the GUEST'S Plate and feeling the presence of the LORD. It's a great experience dining with the LORD in spirit. From this time on there would be a Guest's Plate in every feast at home, more especially on Christmas Day, as the GUEST'S plate is the LORD'S plate. Thanks Hiccup for this.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

God Bless The Phils.

Last Sept. 26, I had an unforgetable experience with the typhoon Ondoy. I had to see my doctor to submit lab results and have clearance for surgery. It was continuously raining that after 30 minutes, it was already flooded at the hospital premises. When I went out to get a ride the flood was already kneehigh. I luckily got a bus ride that was able to pass thru flooded streets. When I get off, however to the junction for me to get a ride home, I had to walk thru a waist deep dirty flood waters. As I cross the road the water went deeper, good two children, living in that area guided me as we swum together with now a breast deep flood. We have to cross around 500 meters flooded area before reaching a higher land. Thanks to the two children, Margie and brother, if not for them I might not be able to make it. I joined people standing outside a Jollibee shop, their place was elevated, but sorrounded with flood. No more transportation in going home. No more power, stores and nearby establishments were all closed. It's getting dark. I called my daughter at home that I may not be able to go home, we're around six kilometers away. My daughters were so worried but good they're not flooded. I called up my son to stay at the office but they're on the way. Same stranded as their vehicle could no longer cross the flood. After a while I was low bat, so no more commuication. I prayed hard but prepare myself to stay until morning in wet clothes outside that fastfood shop until the waters subsided. After six hours of waiting, a garbage truck came to fetch us. Oh God. thanks God, I was able to get home. My son however, able to go home the following morning. We're much luckier though as Metro Manila including parts of Cavite, Bulacan and Laguna were submerged into high waters by typhoon Ondoy. Pasig, Marikina, Cainta and more parts of Rizal were strongly hit. It's flooded all over. People stayed at the rooftops while waiting to be rescued. Many rendered homeless, properties were destroyed. Hundreds died and others still missing. While people were still at the evacuation center, another typhoon came, Pepeng, this time Northern Luzon was battered. This includes Baguio, Benguet, Ilocos region and Isabela. Landslides and floods same distructed lives, plants houses and other properties. Hundreds of people died as their houses were burried down by landslides. Even Baguio city, the summer Capital was flooded and several parts of it had landslides. Roads leading to Baguio were closed due to lansdlide that they ran short even of fuel and some grocery items. While expecting typhoon Pepeng, San Roque Dams released waters that flooded several towns in Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija. Same thing happened. People stayed at the rooftops, lives, properties were lost. Flooded everywhere that people needs to be evacuated. After a while another typhoon hit Masbate and the Bicol region. Albay was flooded with waters and stones lanslided from Mayon Volcano. Another typhoon is being expected to hit northern and central Luzon anytime these days. Typhoon Ramil is said to be stronger than Peping and municipalities in the said areas are at least getting prepared. What a heart breaking scene for our countrymen crying for their lost loved ones, airing their hunger and where and how would they start their lives again. Though it's heart warming to see how filipinos unite extending their arms comforting, giving foods, clothes and medical assistance to the evacuees plus the other help and support from other countries, more especially from the U.S., who eversince never neglected the Phils., who sent their aircraft full of relief goods to Pangasinan aside from their other extended assistance. The evacuees can't still moved on from the traumatic experience they'd gone through. As some people return to their houses, cleaning the muds left by the flood, an epidemic surfaced. People who walked and swum thru the dirty flood waters and probably had opened wounds caught leptopirosis (desease from the urine of the rats), struck patients kidneys that need to have dialysis. Several hundreds of patients from all over flooded areas are now confined at the various hospitals some are crticals and around 89 died. More patients are coming. Typhoon victims are now facing another battle. God bless the Philipines.

I'm asking you friends prayers for my country, for the people to get over this delimna and an ending to this catastrophe. Thanks.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Even Heaven Cries (A Tribute To Ex Pres. Cory Aquino)

Am not a fan of ex pres Cory Aquino, during the famous EDSA-1 revolution. She ruled the country, without any experience in running a government office but maybe with just great advisers around. A plain housewife of the late Sen Ninoy Aquino who went into powers when the latter was assasinated. She believe in peaceful revolution. She led the rosaries, headed the nuns and the priests and the people at the Edsa1 revolution thereby toppling the Marcos Administration. She ruled the Philippines with all her kindness, her being so religious, that for every move, any trouble or whatever problem her administration encounter, she consulted and offerred to God. For her, with God nothing is impossible . She survived series of coup de tats, able to have a good governance and noted for a non corruption regime. She graciously went down the presidency after her term and give others the fair chance of ruling the country.

She lived a peaceful life then with her five children. His only son Noynoy or Benigno Jr elected senator and her youngest daughter, Kris is a famous showbiz celebrity. Though an ordinary citizen but ex pres Cory still committed her life to guard the nation from those corrupt officials and from those who are abusing powers. She would visit schools and churches to talk to people what's going on. She would led prayer meetings and masses in guidance to whatever cause or change the country needs. She would attend rallies or protests just to support the people, when she thinks her leadership is needed. She would comfort people she thinks being harassed or those whos human rights were being violated. She was known with her kind heart and simplicity. She's loving and friendly but she would fight abusive friends governing the country with corruption and those who are greed in powers.

She was so active with her life in civic and religious movements and a very happy mom to his children and grandchldren when a dreaded decease struck her. Though struggling for her life, still she attend to some special functions, attending masses and inspiring or supporting people who need her strength. So many masses being said at almost all churches, prayer meetings are being conducted, gov't officials, friends and people from all walks of life, offerred prayers for her healing and getting over her sickness. The day came for her eternal rest. She was succombed to colon cancer. That was August 1st, 2009 and she was 76. A gloomy day for the filipinos. Her wake was full of loving relatives, friends and the unending pile of the people who patiently wait for their turn just to view her remains. The rains never stop the people, young and old, rich or poor to pay their last respect. The family though experiencing the saddest chapter in their lives can't help but praise and admire the people's love for their great mom. They were quite relieved from their grief witnessing how the people return the love of their mom to them and their country.

At the last day of the wake, during the nechrological service, friends and other people close to her deliver their messages. So touching and really tears flowed over. Even her personal doctor cried, her drivers who experienced being cooked by Tita Cory (auntie Cory as people addressed her) with noodles one time they came home ahead of the maids. the priests, the governments officials under her administration whom some learned to pray the rosary because of her. Her personal bodyguards, her friends, her relatives and her family, all sharing the wonderful life they had with tita Cory. I myself cried a lot watching and hearing all of those.

After the mass, beautiful songs were rendered by famous artists, while the funeral is starting to move. The number of people attending was so great that the funeral could hardly move. Along the way huge crowd patiently waiting, sending off their beloved president to a much better place. The usual travel from Manila Cathedral to Mla Memorial Park Sucat Paranaque could be around 2 hours the most but because of the numerous people attending the funeral it reached the Mla Memorial 10 hours. The rains continuously pouring, the people not minding the rains just proceeded even in their wet clothes. The whole Philippines mourned. Even heaven cried and just hold pouring it's tears when Tita Cory was finally laid to rest. Farewell, Tita Cory, the most loved Philippine president. (saved August, posted October)

Monday, June 22, 2009

DAD'S Last Breath At The Church

We grew up all in the kindness of my DAD , who never scold or lift a hand to any of his five children. He never had an enemy nor involve in any heated arguments nor any little fights with anyone. I remember him since childhood, I will just wake up with my breakfast ready as he's the one preparing it. With my first employment, he would accompany me early in the morning everyday while going to our office. He's so supportive and believed and proud of his children. I was just separated from my DAD when I got married. He would come to our house from time to time to see my kids. I was so busy then, working and engaged in real estate business that I was not able to see my father for about 2 months. He has hypertension that's why my mom was always on the guard with his food and med. He used to go to church on Sunday morning while my mom was busy with our fruits and vegetable store but still she manage to have my Dad eat his breakfast with her. One Sunday morning, my mom didn't notice my DAD, probably shes'so busy at the store, that my Dad perhaps proceeded to the church to hear mass without taking his breakfast. While attending the mass, he might feel dizzy that vow his head, while kneeling, somebody noticed him that he was laid down to the bench. He was rushed to the nearby hospital but my father was dead. I broke down when I heard what happened, so sad to think that no one of his loved ones was there in time he needed them most. It still hurts thinking, I should have done something to revive him, should I was there. I should have offer him a cup of coffee or milk which I used to do in times he's not feeling well. I should have prayed for him and begged for his life, his inside the church anyway. I should have hugged and kissed my Dad before he gasped for his last breath. I should have whispher him my love and gratitude for his kindness, for all the love and greatness.

Nineteen years had passed, still I'm in tears remembering my kind DAD. He was 81, then. Let us love our fathers and everyone we love while they are still around...Happy Father's Day, friends.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The One Thing I Will Not Do In My Life

I have gone through numerous hardships raising my three children, disappointments and unbearable pains losing my loved ones but never it came to my mind ending my life. I strongly believe that there's a recovery for every hardship, there'll be success to whatever disappointment and joys will surpass the pains as long as there's life. Others maybe unlucky enough should they died without gaining the fruit of their hardships or never handed the success their longing nor never felt the joys to ease their pains. In heaven however, they are more than luckier to enjoy everything. So heaven is the ultimate hope, no more sufferings , disappointments and pains. Killing myself is the one thing I'll never do in life, no matter how great problems maybe as this would bring us no more hope, no more life after death perhaps.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Farewell To The Phil. Master Rapper, Francis M.

Francis Magalona, the Master Rapper succombed to Leukemia, last Friday, March 6. He was survived by his wife Pia and eight lovely children. He is 44 but looks very young maybe because of his cheerful moods, positive attitude and joyful world. He gained the title of the Master Rapper as he introduced, composed and sang rap songs and music. He was idolized by aspiring performers, followed his footsteps and thru his help, these talents shine and now enjoying stardom. Currently he is one of the hosts of the longest running noontime variety show, EAT BULAGA, when strucked by cancer. It's barely seven months after discovering his illness. While under treatment he showed much strength, full of hope and inspiration to recover. He's very vocal of getting well and even appeared and sang with a fellow performer Eli Buendia, last October at Eat Bulaga. Though we're all aware that cancer kills, seeing Francis back to his live and kicking mood, performing to the highest level, never comes to the people's mind, he will pass away that soon. A shock to everyone and a tearful day not only to his family but to the the people of Eat Bulaga and a sad, gloomy day to the filipinos.

He started his showbiz career on his teens at German Moreno's, THATS ENTERTAINMENT, Kuya Germs described him to be so professional and dedicated to his craft. He was singing then but introduced break dancing. He was easily loved by the people not only for his talents but also because he is the son of the famous couple of Phil. Cinema, Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran. Francis is known for his kindness, a poet, singer composer, an actor, TV host and a total performer. He's so patriotic, no doubt he love his country and the filipinos that much. All his compositions pertain to his love and pride for the Philippines and his countrymen. Lately he designed tshirts with the Phil. insigna, the sun and the 3 stars and even have his back tattooed with it. All other designs were the same insinuating his love for the people , for God and country. One tshirt design is with the words ONE LOVE, with his picture in it., where his close friends wore during his funeral. He will be remembered for his hit songs, Mga Kababayan Ko (My Countrymen ), Ito Ang Gusto Ko (This Is What I Want) Kaleidoscope World, The Man from Manila and so many others.

On his five days wake at Christ the King Church, showed how much he was been loved by his family, relatives, friends.and the filipinos. His fans patiently waited for their turn to join the long orderly pile just to view his remains. The Eat Bulaga noon time show where he is best loved by his cohosts and viewers gave him tribute everyday until his funeral. On the first day where his passing away was announced, his cohosts cried a lot and so with the filipino audience. The next day all the guests were the rappers whom Francis M. touched, they all sang his songs and everyone wore his tshirts designed. At the finale, the famous Tito, Vic and Joey emotionally sang Kaleidoscope World , ending them and the viewers in tears. The tribute continues airing his songs, his videos not only in Eat bulaga but all other GMA TV shows. There was an instance at Eat Bulaga, when Michael V, one of his closest friend, released ballons part of their program for KIKO, to everybody's surprise the ballons formed like the Phil. map up in the sky. It's just saying that Francis M. is still expressing the love for his country until this last moment.

On his Nechrological service, where his closest friends, colleagues in photography,(the other side of KIKO) relatives and family pay tribute by delivering their messages, everyone can't hold their tears. Malou Pagar (head of Eatbulaga) burst into tears and can't almost finished his speech, expressing Kiko not only a member of EB but a son, Michael V. also crying, shouting his love for Kiko and the very emotional sons and daughters of Kiko would really break your hearts. Good thing, Pia, his wife was so strong, that when heard of her calmness, everyone in tears regained strength.

Francis M. or Kiko to some live his life believing in his country and the people. Thru his songs, he gave emphasis to have faith in God, in ourselves and in our country. To focus on our works and do what we love to do, that there's still a chance for us to make it. There is still hope for the filipinos and the sun will continue shining at the beautiful Philippines as long as there's one love for everyone.

The ever patriotic Kiko will recieve a medal of merit from Malacanang, for his contribution to the filipino art and music. Ex presidents Cory Aquino and Joseph Estrada and other gov't officials were also present at his wake. He was cremated last March 10 and his funeral march to Loyola Memorial happened in the morning of March 11. where his ashes was laid to rest. Farewell Francis M., you deserve my tears, being a Filipino, everyone can be proud of.

Prayers, Winning Power Of Pacquiao

I have watched all the major fights of Pacquiao, only his fights during his early days I failed too. One thing I observed aside from his love to his craft, aside from his patience, hardworks in training and his self confidence, is his faith in God. As he enter the ring he's already wearing the rosary as his necklace and just take it off before starting the fight. He would make the sign of the cross before going into the ring and of course a short prayer was already done. While the fight is going on, his mother can be found at her prayer room, doing all the kneelings. bowing of head, and even lying face down with spread arms, surrending everything to God, for her child's protection and victory. She said her prayers instead of watching the game and will just view it later on it's replay. After the fight, upon winning, you'll see Manny praying at his corner, thanking the Lord for the good fight, for having him safe and for the victory, you'll see him again doing the cross sign and before annoucing his victory, he has worn back his rosary as his necklace. While you can see her mother being hysterical thanking and praising the Lord. Lastly during Pacquiao's interview he never forget to thank the Lord. I believe, Prayer is the winning power of Manny Pacquiao.