Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Guest's Plate Is The Lord's Plate

I did appreciate much a great practice from a write up of Hiccup, an online friend from Australia, that's why I'm sharing it with you, my dear friends. Last Dec.25 Christmas Day, as they set the table for their feast to thank God for the blessings, A Guest's Plate was set. In their house the Guest's Plate is the Lord's Plate. In human form He may not come but He is always welcome as Guest. He knew He joined them in spirit and He thanked and praised Him for that. What a wonderful way to honor the Lord. I adopted the great practice with our Media Noche (New Year's Eve dinner) setting the GUEST'S Plate and feeling the presence of the LORD. It's a great experience dining with the LORD in spirit. From this time on there would be a Guest's Plate in every feast at home, more especially on Christmas Day, as the GUEST'S plate is the LORD'S plate. Thanks Hiccup for this.

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